Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cool Selfie Stick

OK I will admit I once said I would never get a selfie stick.   :)   I do on the other hand have short arms and can't take selfies very well because of it.  When this came in the mail I was pretty excited to see what it was all about and I really do like it.  I really like that it is Bluetooth and very easy to set up.   I have not had the opportunity to use it much but can't wait to use it on vacation this fall.  * I received this product for free/discount for mu honest and unbiased review

Cute Gift Set

This flask set makes a great gift for any occasion. The gift box is very well made and all components inside are nicely displayed for presentation. The flask itself is a great size to take anywhere and the lid twists on tightly to avoid any leaking. The funnel is a great accessory that makes it very easy to fill. I love the vintage look that the set has. * I received this product for free/discount for my honest and unbiased review.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Great little knife sharpener!

I am so excited to be using my new knife sharpener.  I have had so many knives that were dull and just sitting in the drawer.  Now they are sharp and use able! This sharpener is so easy to use and fast.  You run the sharpener over your knife 3-4 times and you are done :)   I love that there is a knuckle guard since I seem to get cut easily. LOL  I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an inexpensive knife sharpener.  *I received this product for free/or at a discount price in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. However the opinions are my own.

Card Reader and SIM Adapter

So I recently had the opportunity to try out a card reader and SIM adapter.  I wasn't sure if this was something I needed to get since I wasn't sure what I would use it for.  Derek being the tech guy he is says "you can never have to much tech stuff".  So for him I ordered it!   I was excited to see what this was and was impressed with how small and compact it is.  It is very easy to store in our desk and to take when traveling.  Also good to know that it has a key to get the SIM tray open on the iPhone if we ever need to get to Summer's.  If this is something you have been looking at or think you will need one I recommend and the price is good too.  * I received this product for free/discount for my honest and unbiased review


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Digital Food Thermometer

My new digital food thermometer is great.  It is very easy to use and you can use it on any food you need to check the temperature of.  This came at a perfect time since my old one (different manufacturer) quit working the week before :)   This one is great for anyone looking for a new or updated food thermometer.   * I received this product for free/discount for my honest and unbiased review

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Awesome Chalk Markers

I love all of my new chalk markers.  I have been using them on many things from windows, wine bottles, to my over hear cabinet at work.  These are so much fun and can't wait to use them to decorate for the holidays!  * I received this product for free/discount for my honest and undaised review


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

 These LED Wine Corks are super cute.  They would be great to have in an open bottle of wine at a party for a little extra touch.  I am going to fill empty wine bottles with holiday themed decorations and add the light to show them off this holiday season!  *I received this product at a discount/free for my honest and unbiased review